Isolation and Biological Screening of Endophytic Fungi from Nerium Oleander Linn (Apocynaceae)

Kathiriya Mayur, Vallabhbhai (2008) Isolation and Biological Screening of Endophytic Fungi from Nerium Oleander Linn (Apocynaceae). Masters thesis, Nandha College of Pharmacy, Erode.


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Total 8 (one from stem, two from leaf and five from root) endophytic fungi were isolated from Nerium oleander. They were screened for antifungal, cardiotonic, antidiabetic and cytotoxic activity. The fungi were cultivated using improved Czapek’s broth medium. Two fungi (F3 and F4) were found to produce antifungal metabolites and inhibited the growth of Arthrobotrys oligospora (NCIM 1246), Aspergillus niger (NCIM 1207), Candida albicans (NCIM 3484), Chaetomella raphigera (NCIM 1231), and Sacchromyces cerevisae (ATCC 204508) whereas it showed poor activity against Auricularia polytricha (NCIM 1303) and Monilinia fruticola (NCIM 1011). An acute oral toxicity study was performed to determine the dose for cardiotonic and antidiabetic screening. Signs of toxicity were not observed up to 2000mg/kg of body weight. F3 was not having any significant change in ECG pattern while F4 prolonged the PR interval in the ECG, indicating its mild cardiotonic activity on rat. There was a significant recovery of fasting glucose, total lipids and body weights in diabetic models (alloxan induced)of rats treated with F3, while it does not showed significant change in serum protein level. P values were less than 0.001 in case of body weight, fasting and total lipids, while it was not significant for total proteins. The effect was dose dependant. F3 possessed cytotoxic effect on mcf 7 while it was not having significant cytotoxicity against hep 2, hela and hek cell lines. F4 showed significant cytotoxicity against mcf 7 and hela cell lines while it showed less significant action on hep 2 and hek cell lines.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Isolation ; Biological Screening ; Endophytic Fungi ; Nerium Oleander Linn ; Apocynaceae.
Subjects: PHARMACY > Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
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