Study of branching pattern of left coronary artery in 50 specimens

Sobana, M (2009) Study of branching pattern of left coronary artery in 50 specimens. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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This current study of Branching pattern of left coronary artery was carried out in fifty specimens. • The left coronary artery was seen to arise from the left posterior aortic sinus in all fifty specimens (100%). • With relation to Sinotubular Junction (STJ), the ostium was found at the level of sinotubular junction in five specimens (10%), below the level of sinotubular junction in forty five specimens (90%), none was seen above the level of sinotubular junction. • The mean length of the main trunk of left coronary artery was found to be 9.32 mm. • Regarding branching pattern, there was bifurcation of main trunk of left coronary artery in thirty one specimens (62%), trifurcation in sixteen specimens (32%), quadrification in three specimens (6%). • Apart from diagonal artery arising at the junction of two major branches showing trifurcation in five specimens (10%) one another branch called median artery was found in eleven specimens (22%). • Anterior interventricular artery with all its branches was seen in all fifty specimens and it terminated before apex in two specimens (4%), at apex in eighteen specimens (36%), beyond apex in twenty eight specimens (56%) and in posterior interventricular sulcus in two specimens (4%). • Myocardial bridges over anterior interventricular artery was seen in fifteen specimens (30%). • Left circumflex artery was seen in all fifty specimens (100%). Regarding its branches, sinoatrial nodal artery from left circumflex was seen in twelve specimens (24%). Left marginal artery was seen in all fifty specimens with parallel branch (1, 2 or 3) seen in ten specimens (20%) and the left circumflex artery terminating as left marginal artery in ten (20%) specimens. • Posterior interventricular artery determining the coronary dominance was seen to arise in five specimens (10%) and in one specimen (2%) there was a parallel branch to posterior interventricular artery. Atrioventricular nodal artery from posterior interventricular artery was found in five specimens (10%). • Termination of left circumflex artery was found at the obtuse border in thirteen specimens (26%), between obtuse border and crux in thirty one specimens (62%), at the crux in one specimen (2%) and between crux and acute border in five specimens (10%). • Left coronary dominance was seen in five specimens (10%) with posterior interventricular artery arising from left circumflex artery. • There was not a single left coronary anomaly found in this study. Recent technical advances in the study of coronary arteries make it necessary for all angiographers and cardiac surgeons to be familiar with variants of left coronary artery, because accurate identification and delineation of coronary arteries in the presence of coronary artery disease is integral to proper surgical revascularization of myocardium as surgical problems may follow if the surgeon unwittingly incises an anomalous vessel.

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