Vocal cord pathology.

Krishna Sundari, M (2006) Vocal cord pathology. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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Larynx is an eloquent organ. It lodges the vocal cord which initiate the voice, aids respiration, protects lower respiratory tract. Any disease or disorder interfering with approximation, tension or vibration of vocal cord will cause change in quality, pitch and loudness of voice. Hoarsness indicates an early laryngeal disorder. Stridor is a noisy breathing due to the obstruction of the upper airway tract. Laryngeal malignancy accounts for 10% of all head and neck malignancies of which vocal cord malignancy is common. It affects essential function of speech and respiration. Hence early impact is felt with early detection and treatment, five years survival with high cure rate is possible. This dissertation reviews the existing knowledge in these spheres and studies the clinical and pathological parameters and outcome of benign, Malignant and paralysis of vocal cords. This is a comprehensive study of various causes of vocal cord Pathology : To analyse the Incidence of cases in various age groups, The distribution of cases in each sex, Aetiopathogenesis of cases Clinical features of cases, Various diagnostic tools and documentation Various Modalities of treatment, Prognosis of various vocal cord pathology and voice disorder.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Larynx; Vocal cord pathology
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