A Cross Sectional study on Prevalence of Diarrhoea in Under 5 Children and Unmet Needs of their Mothers in an Urban Slum of Zone-1 Chennai.

Ilanchezhiyan, N (2006) A Cross Sectional study on Prevalence of Diarrhoea in Under 5 Children and Unmet Needs of their Mothers in an Urban Slum of Zone-1 Chennai. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION: Diarrhoea is the most common and important cause for mortality in Under 5 children in the developing countries as per who (1). In urban Setting it is more common in the slum dwelling children who live in an Environment with poor sanitary facilities and polluted water (3). According to who, ‘human faeces remains one of the most Dangerous pollutant, spreading microbes causing various diseases like Enteric fevers, diarrhoea ’. In india especially in urban (12) slums poor Sanitary conditions was the most important cause for most of add Episodes. In developing countries, the problem was on the rise in the last Decade due to escalation of the urban slum population. For the control of morbidity and mortality in under five children due to Diarrhoea, it is critical to look at the key health care practices of mothers in Diarrhoea prevention (20). There is an imperative need to know about prevalence of diarrhoea And to assess the existing gap between knowledge and practice on key Community health care practices such as hand washing and use of Sanitary toilet. This is all the more important in case of mothers with under Five children in whom the morbidity and mortality to diarrhoea is known to Be very high. There is also a need for supply of safe drinking water and Maintenance of clean environment through provision of sanitary latrine and Proper disposal of refuse. OBJECTIVES ; 1)To study about prevalence of diarrhoea in under Five children in urban slums of zone 1 Corporation of Chennai. 2) To study about the unmet needs of their mothers. JUSTIFICATION : Worldwide there are 2.21million deaths every year due to diarrhoea and in India 192 million episodes occur in under five children. The estimated under five deaths is 700,000 per year in India (2). The prevalence of diarrhoea among under five children constitutes 22% of the childhood morbidity. 1) The population under study, the under five children of identified urban slums forms the major segment of cases as per the data available with Corporation of Chennai (2a). 2) There is an urgent need to control morbidity and mortality due to diarhoea in under five children as it forms major cause (4). 3) As Diarrhoeal diseases are mostly preventable through proper health care practices and knowledge on personal hygiene of under five mothers regarding above and assessment of gap between knowledge and practice is essential for planning appropriate health services. 4) Studying knowledge and practice regarding diarrhoea and its preventive methods provide an insight into their health seeking behaviour and awareness about home available fluids (10). 5) The motivating factors behind ORS usage and home available fluids can be used for future utilization in health programs (11). 6) In a small way, this study may kindle interest in under five mothers to learn more about diarrhoea preventive health care practices, home available fluids and ORS solution (12). 7) Very few studies have been conducted in other parts of the world especially in assessment of unmet needs of under five mothers. Hence this study may help to bring out the aspects of knowledge and practice on prevention of diarrhoea as well as prevalence of under five diarrhoea in Zone 1 Corporation of Chennai.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Prevalence of Diarrhoea ; Under 5 Children ; Unmet Needs ; Mothers ; Urban Slum ; Chennai ; Cross Sectional study.
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