Evaluation of Diuresis Effect of Hydro Alcoholic Extract of Matricaria Chamomilla (Linn.) and Its Phytochemical studies

Gokulakannan, S (2018) Evaluation of Diuresis Effect of Hydro Alcoholic Extract of Matricaria Chamomilla (Linn.) and Its Phytochemical studies. Masters thesis, J.K.K.Nattraja College of Pharmacy, Komarapalayam.


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The Matricaria Chamomilla is lovely annual plant with very cheerful aromatic white daisy flowers. It is easy to grow and maintain preferring well drained soils preferably sandy. It can grow on poor soil and needs little extra care, tolerates mild to medium acid soils (up to 4.8). Deer normally don't eat it. Flowers are fairly long lasting giving a good showing in any garden. Flowers used in tea and herbal medicines. Matricaria Chamomilla contains a large number of therapeutically active compounds. The following compound classes were detected and characterised like apigenin, luteolin, quercetin, scopoletin-7-glucoside, angelic and tiglic acid esters, anthemic acid, choline. The chamomilla constituents are herniarin, umbelliferone, 2-d-glucopyranosyloxy 4-methoxycinnamic acid(GMCA). AIM AND OBJECTIVE: The use of traditional medicines as a diuretic agent proportionality was day by day increasing continually in recent years. The diuretic activity of a number of plant extracts used as diuretic agents in ethnomedicine has been confirmed in experimental animals. However, despite the widespread use of Matricaria chamomilla in traditional medicine, there is a paucity of data supporting its use as a diuretic agent. World Health Organization has estimated that over 75% of the world’s population still relies on plant-derived medicines, usually obtained from traditional healers, for basic health-care needs. Based on the above reasons present study is therefore an attempt to evaluate the Hydro Alcoholic Extract of Matricaria Chamomilla by diuretic efficacy. CONCLUSION: While the traditional medicines are derived from medicinal plants, minerals and organic matter, the herbal drugs are prepared from medicinal plants only. Use of plants as a source of medicine has been inherited and is an important component of the health care system in India. In the Indian systems of medicine, most practitioners formulate and dispense their own recipes, hence this requires proper documentation and research. The major hindrance in the amalgamation of herbal medicines into modern medical practices is the lack of scientific and 170 clinical data and better understanding of efficacy and safety of the herbal products. Herbs that stimulate the kidneys were traditionally used to reduce edema. In the present investigation one medicinal plants Hydro Alcoholic Extract of Matricaria Chamomilla. This current research work will be very beneficial in figuring out the Matricaria chamomilla leaves extract diuretic effect by determining the ions and electrolyte excreted by the animals using ion selective channel inhibition. Acute toxicity studies will be performed for the species Matricaria chamomilla which may have not shown any toxicity, which human body could be proved with the help of obtained study results. Diurectic activity of the herb Matricaria chamomilla has some beneficial effect on the selected animals, the herb Matricaria chamomilla may be selected for the further studies to prove its clinical relevancy.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Hydro Alcoholic Extract ; Matricaria Chamomilla (Linn.) ; Phytochemical Studies ; Evaluation of Diuresis Effect.
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