A Clinical study to Understand the Role of Susceptibility in the Homoeopathic Treatment of Acute Tonsillitis

Riswana, A (2018) A Clinical study to Understand the Role of Susceptibility in the Homoeopathic Treatment of Acute Tonsillitis. Masters thesis, Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College, Kulasekharam.

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Acute tonsillitis is one of the most common clinical condition that a homoeopathic physician faces in his day to day practice. The three requirements for a homoeopath to cure his patients are remedy, potency and dose. Of the three, the most difficult task for them is to select the most effective potency for his patient. Quantification of the susceptibility of a patient guides us in the selection of the suitable potency. The prime aim of this study is to quantify the nature of susceptibity of patients with acute tonsillitis and to study the effectiveness of potency prescribed based on this quantification. This study also implies to find out the common remedies indicated for acute tonsillitis. In 30 cases of acute tonsillitis 17 cases (57%) indicated as high susceptibility, 13(43.33%) of moderate susceptibility, and 0% with low susceptibility. It shows susceptibility is high for Acute Tonsillitis. The cases were treated with potencies 200 and 1M. This study shows that 1M potency is more indicated. In all the cases the intensity of the symptoms has markedly reduced within 3 days of the treatment. The most commonly used medicines in this study were RHUS TOXICODENDRON, MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS, SILICEA TERRA and TUBERCULINUM. This study proves that quantification and assessment of susceptibility is useful for selection of potency in the treatment of acute tonsillitis.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Acute Tonsillitis ; Susceptibility ; Potency.
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