A Study on Vatha Perumbadu

Sasi, S K (2008) A Study on Vatha Perumbadu. Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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Siddhars postulated the causes for Vatha perumbadu which was mentioned by this study. Increased intake of non vegetarian diet, sleeplessness, increased anger, frustration, sleeping during day time, eating without hunger, heavy weight bearing, increased sexual desire and teasing poor people will produce vatha perumbadu. Living moral life without sexual immorality, helping others, avoiding mental depression or anger, unaltered timely food habits are the main factors to avoid this disease. It is apparent from the study that vatha perumbadu occurs mostly in Azhal kaalam of an individual and Non vegetarians. Vatha perumbadu occurs mostly in Muduvenir kaalam. The symptoms of the disease also developed mostly in Neithal nilam. A good number of Vatha perumbadu patients have 10 finger breadths of Manikkadai nool. Patients with zodiac signs, Taurus was more prone to be involved with Vatha perumbadu. In the three humors, Vali is affected more in this disease which leads to derangements of other two humors. Most of the Vatha perumbadu patients had Vali azhal naadi. Nei kuri study revealed that 80% of cases had slow spreading and a coin like pattern. In this study by means of Eight fold examination, Land, Season, Astrology, Manikkadai nool and along with the clinical symptoms, the author concludes the diagnosis as Vatha perumbadu.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Vatha Perumbadu.
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