A Study on Gunma Soolai

Srinivasan, S (2007) A Study on Gunma Soolai. Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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The causes for Gunmassolai which was mentioned by the Siddhars were maximum correlated in this Study. So by avoiding the causes we can prevent the Gunmassolai. Living a mortal life without high sexual thought, helping others, avoiding mental depressions or anger, unaltered timing food are the main factor to avoid this disease. In the Sothidam, the Thulam and Simma raasi gets affected in Gunmassolai. These rasi patients should take care to prevent this disease. Neithal nilam are more prone to this disease. These Neithal nilam patients should take care to prevent this disease. The Azhal kaalam i.e age between 34 to 66 yrs are mostly affected. So this age group people should take care to prevent this disease. In the three humours the Vali humour is affected more in this disease which leads to derangements of other two humours. The diet with Anti Vali humour will prevent Gunmassolai. Particularly the Gunmam patient should avoid the Vali humour diet and activities, because this will induce the Vali humour and leads to the Gunmassolai, which is the next stage of Gunmam with severe pricking pain in the abdomen etc. Since the Gunmam is the continuation of Gunmassolai, patient should take care in the beginning stage of Gunmam itself to prevent Gunmassolai by following the anti Vali diet, good Habit and spiritual acts. The signs and symptoms correlate more closely to chronic gastric ulcer in modern aspects. The chronic gastric ulcer with fibrosis condition likely to more resemble with the signs and symptoms which is also not cured by ordinary treatment and required surgery. In Siddha aspect Gunmassolai is Kanma noi and is incurable. If the Gunmassolai occurred, though it is incurable due to Kanma Noi, to cure Gunmassolai the patient should do the Kanmanivarthy mentioned in Agathiyar kanmakaandam along with good habit, spiritual act and restriction over the causative factors. Though it is Kanma noi and incurable, there are many medicines found specific to Gunmassolai in Noigalukku Siddha Parikaaram, Anubhava vaithiya muraigal, Vaithiya thirattu and etc. So if Gunmassolai occurs then the patient should take medicine mentioned in above literatures. Should avoid angry, bad habits like smoking, alcohol and non vegetarian. Regular timing of food intake and strict restriction over anti Vali diet and spicy foods like pepper, chilly should be followed. If the Gunmassolai patient doesn’t follow this pattern then it will lead to critical condition since it is an Asaathiya noi. By this study of Envagai thervu, Nilam, Kaalam, Sothidam, Manikkadai nool and along with the Clinical symptoms, the author concludes it as Gunmassolai and Vali humour affected more prominently in this disease.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Gunma Soolai ; pricking pain ; abdomen ; latulence ; body pain.
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