A Study on Vadha Kundala Kirecharam

Vasuki Devi, A (2010) A Study on Vadha Kundala Kirecharam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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"Vadha Kundala Kirecharam" comes under Moothira Kirechara Roga Nithanam in Dhanvanthiri Vaithiyam - Volume II which is characterized by discomfort during urination, dribbling of urine, burning micturition, scalding pain during voiding urine, pain in the perineal region, lower abdominal pain. • In this disease vadha kundala kirecharam changes in Azhal humour plays a vital role, which is first affect then vali humour is affected. • Improper diet habits and irregular behavioural changes are responsible for the disease vadha kundala kirecharam. These leads to aggravation of Azhal and Vali humour. • The modern parameters also play an important role in the diagnosis. • The clinical features of Vadha kundala kirecharam can be correlated with cystitis in modern aspect. Now days this disease is confirmed by several scientific investigations like urine culture and ultrasonogram. In ancient days there are no any scientific investigations. But our Siddhars are confirmed this disease by only nature methods like Neikuri, Neerkuri and Envagai thervugal which is the highlights of Siddhars. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The author had selected the disease “Vadha Kundala Kirecharam” for dissertation work because, This disease is more common in female than male, but it can affect both sex and all age groups. The patients are disturbed both functionally and psychologically. Its generalized occurrence and agony undergone by the patients has made the author choose the disease. AIM OF THE STUDY: To study the disease on the basis of Siddha physiology, Siddha pathology emphasizing more importance to Mukkuttram, Suvaigal, Panchabootha theory, Aayul thoda nirnayam, Udal thadhukkal and diagnose the patient on the basis of Envagai thervugal and confirm the prognosis of the disease through “Neikuri”. OBJECTIVES: The objectives marked out to aspire the above said words. 1. To collect all literary evidences about kirechara disease in detail. 2. To study each and every aspect of the disease “Vadha kundala kirecharam” in the topic of its synonyms of definition, aetiology, classification, signs and symptoms , humoral pathogenesis, fate of the disease from various literature in Siddha aspect. 3. To concentrate the clinical course of the disease “Vadha Kundala Kirecharam” by observing carefully its aetiology, pathogenesis (Mukkuttra Verupadu) clinical features , diagnosis and prognosis in patients. 4. To study in detail about the incidence of the disease with age, sex, occupation, thinai, socio –economic status, habits and prevalence. 5. To confirm the diagnosis in Siddha system with the help of modern parameters. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study in Noi Naadal aspect ie, pathological view of Vadha Kundala Kirecharam was carried out at the out patient department of P.G. Noi Naadal, Government Siddha Medical College Hospital, Palayamkottai. Case Selection and Supervision: The author has selected 20 cases with similar symptoms of Vadha Kundala Kirecharam as mentioned in Dhanvanthiri Vaithiyam volume II under the supervision of faculties and Head of the department of PG Noi Naadal department. The detailed history of past and present illness, personal and family history were observed. CONCLUSION: Identification of disease and its pathogenesis are pre requisite for medical practice. A detailed history taking clinical examinations as per siddha guide liness are necessary to arrive at precise diagnosis. The study on Vadha Kundala Kirecharam was carried out in the dissertation, giving importance to the characteristics of the disease like, • Discomfort during urination. • Dribbling of urine. • Burning micturition. • Scalding pain in the urethra during urination. • Pain in the perineal region. • Lower abdominal pain. Diagnosis can be carried out by detailed history taking, classical clinical examination of siddha system neikuri, manikadai nool and changes in seven physical constituents and three humours. The dissertation vadha kundala kirecharam can be diagnosis through signs, symptoms and parameters like, Naadi - Pitha vadham / Vatha pitham, Neerkuri - Yellowish cloudy urine, Neikuri - Aravil Aazhi / Aazhil Aravam, Manikadainool - 9¼ virarkadai alavu will show the fate of the disease and can confirm this disease by allied parameters. Ultrasonogram. Urine culture and sensitivity test. This study on vadha kundala kirecharam may be correlated with cystitis which had given relevance to modern clinical entity.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Vadha Kundala Kirecharam ; urinary bladder : Cystometrogram ; cystitis.
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