A Study on Vadha Chaetma Kshayam

Margret Bapitha, G (2010) A Study on Vadha Chaetma Kshayam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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Vadha Chaetma Kshayam comes under Kshaya Roga Nithanam in yugi vaithiya sinthamani which is characercized by hoarseness of voice fever, wheezing, vomiting, cough, malaise, Copious amounts of sputum fatigue Indigestion Anorexia, Anaemia, weight loss. The Special Character of Vadha Chaetma Kshayam has copious amounts of sputum that is “fLq;Nfhio”. But in other songs of Kshaya Roga Nithanam. Yugi says, the patient have only sputum, sputum with blood, yellow colour sputum. Copious amounts of sputum: 1. >200 cc/day, 2. Sputum with fuculent odour. Three Layered sputum (stagnant, purulent sputum): 1. Upper layer contains froth, 2. Middle Layer Contains Liquid, 3. Lower Layer Contains Heavier particles Eg: Epithelial debris, bacterial masses, foul smelling dettrich’s plugs. Vadha Chaetma Kshayam is precisely diagnosed early with the help of sound knowledge of clinical features. Vadha Chaetma Kshayam is correlate with clinical features of bronchiectasis. AIM AND OBJECTIVIES: Siddha System is considered to be the most ancient therapeutic science in the world. Siddhars have identified four thousand four hundred and forty eight disease and Scientifically arranged eighty type of Vaatha diseases, forty types of Pitha disease and twenty types of Kaba disease and so on. Among all the forms of treatment Noi Naadal (or) identification of disease and Noi Muthal Naadal (or) the determination of the aetiology of the disease are the most important aspects. Once the diagnosis is accurate the treatment may be easily fulfilled. Super intellectual siddhars, devised and utilized a special cost effective technique for diagnosing a disease know as Envagai Thervual. They are Naadi, Sparisam, Naa, Niram, Mozhi, Vizhi, Malam and Moothiram. The following specific objectives have been drawn to achieve the above aim, 1. Collecting Siddha literary evidences about “Vadha Chatma Kshayam”. 2. To Study the clinical course of the disease Vadha Chaetma Kshayam with clean observation on the aetiolgoy, clinical features and diagnosis. 3. To make a thorough physical examination of the patient. 4. To findout the changes that occur in Uyirthathukkal, Udalthadukkal and in Naadai. 5. To support the study of Vadha Chaetma Kshayam by using Envagai Thervugal, mentioned in Siddha literature with modern parameters. 6. To discuss the complications of the Vadha Chaetma Kshayam. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The clinical study on Vadha Chaetma Kshayam has been taken in the post graduate department of Noi Naadal. The clinical study was done in 21 cases. The author had selected 21 cases to evaluate typical picture by siddha parameters along with modern parameters. The detailed history of the present and past illness and family history were observed. Evaluation of Clinical Parameters: 1. The detailed history and clinical features of the patients were taken carefully, 2. The clinical history, 3. Detail history of present and past illness, 4. Personal and family history, 5. Diet habits, 6. Exposure to cold weather. Clinical features for Vadha Chaetma Kshayam are Hoarseness of voice, Fever, Wheezing, Vomiting, Chronic cough with malaise, Copious amounts of sputum with fatigue, Digestive disturbance, Anorexia, Anaemia, Weight loss. CONCLUSION: Identification of disease and its pathogenesis are pre requisite for medical practice. A detailed history Taking, clinical examinations as per siddha guidelines is necessary to arrive at precise diagnosis The study on Vadha Chaetma Kshayam was carried out in the dissertation, giving importance to the characteristics of the disease like hoarseness of voice, fever, wheezing, vomiting, chronic cough with malaise, fatigue, indigestion anorexia, weight loss. Diagnosis can be carried out by detailed history taking, classical, clinical examination of siddha system, via Envagaithervugal including Naadi and Neerkuri, and changes in seven physical constituents and three humours whether this disease is curable or not is also be carried out by the examination of siddha system, via Neikuri and Manikkadai nool. This study on Vadha Chaetma Kshayam may be correlates with bronchiectasis, which has given relevance to modern clinical entity.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Vadha Chaetma Kshayam; Bronchiectsis.
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