A Study on Uragan Vatham

Paulin Joseph Mary, S (2009) A Study on Uragan Vatham. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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In Yugi Vaithiya sinthamani, ‘Uragan Vatham’ is described under Vali disease. The Name ‘Uragan Vatham’ itself implies, it is a Vali disease principally affecting the Facial Nerve. The primary aim of this dissertation is to help arriving at a correct diagnosis of Uragan Vatham through Envagai thervugal, Mukkutra nilaigal, changes in Udal kattugal, along with Modern parameters. Apart from these major criteria, Age, Sex distribution, Socio economic status, Thinai and Paruvakaalam were also taken in arriving at the diagnosis. The etiology and pathogenesis of the disease is unknown. The signs and symptoms are inability to close the eye, deviation of mouth, increased salivation, numbness over the face, involuntary facial movement and shyness. The disease only diagnosed by the above clinical feature. Humoural changes, seasonal and environmental changes are important pathogenic factors which cause changes in the seven physical constituents and bring about the diseases. These changes in physical constituents are diagnosed through the Envagai thervugal. Ten patients were selected for this study and they were properly enrolled in the Out Patient of PG Noi Naadal department and thoroughly examined. AIM AND OBJECTIVES: As Vali is the main cause of all sorts of ailments the author chosen Vali disease. “Face is the index of the mind” From the above proverb one’s feeling and thoughts can be reflected in the face. That’s why the face is considered to be very important in the world of beauty. If any flaw or blemish or inability has occurred in face it leads to profound stress. The main aim of present study of Uragan Vatham with clinical study is to evaluate the Mukkutra verupadugal, changes of Udal kattugal in this disease. 1. Collection of various literatures dealing with definition, etiology, classification, signs and symptoms of the Uragan Vatham. 2. To expose the Siddhar’s diagnostic methods. 3. To have a better understanding, regarding the incidence of this disease with disease with reference to Age, Sex, and Paruvakaalam. 4. To study under the topics of Mukkutram, Pori, Pulangal, Udal thathukkal, Envagai thervugal, Naadi, Neerkkuri, Neikuri and Manikkadai Nool. The changes brought about by this disease under normal condition. 5. The pathogenesis of the disease ruled out on the basis of etiology. 6. To use modern parameters in the investigation of the disease that enhances to be diagnosed and observe the prognosis of the patient. MATERIALS AND METHOD: The clinical study on Uragan Vatham was carried out at the post graduate Noi Naadal Department of Government Siddha Medical College Hospital, Palayamkottai. Case Selection and Supervision: 15 cases of similar of “Uragan Vatham” were taken from the PG OP, Department of GSMC, Palayamkottai. From which 10 typical cases of “Uragan Vatham” were selected and were followed by the author whose work was under the close supervision of the professor and lecture of the PG Noi Naadal Department. Evaluation of Clinical Parameters: The cases were subjected to careful scrutiny, which involved history taking and examination of clinical features.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Uragan Vatham ; Facial nerve ; Facial Paralysis ; Bell’s palsy.
Subjects: AYUSH > Noi-naadal
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