A Study on Thalasthambam

Hemalatha, G M (2008) A Study on Thalasthambam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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Thalasthambam comes under Vatha roga nithanam in Yugi Vaithya Sinthamani 800. For any type of disease the vali humour is first affected. Followed by alteration in other humour. In thalasthambam, yugi explains that the altered vali humour is aggravated by the excessive intake of salt and sour (i.e) these tastes acts as a pre-disposing factor for the disease. The disease is characterized by the presence of heaviness of the foot, pain in the foot, blackening of the foot, spreading upwards from foot, weight loss, Dyspnoea, fatique, dryness of the body, and thirst. In this disease, the Udal thathukkal - Saram, Senneer, Oon, Kozhuppu, Enbu, Moolai are affected as 6 out of 7 udal thathukkal gets deranged the disease is not - curable. The underlying pathogenesis for the Thalasthambam is the peripheral arterial occlusive disorder resulting in gangrene formation due to pan-arteritis leading to thrombosis as seen in “Thrombo Angitis obliterans”. CONCLUSION: The study on Thalasthambam was carried out in this dissertation giving importance to the changes in udal Thaathukal, uyir thaathukal etc., The changes in the udal Thathukal and uyir thathukal were assessed by siddha parameters like ennvagai Thervugal, Poriyalarithal, Pulanalarithal and Vinathal and prognosis is assessed by Nei-Kuri. A parallel modern diagnosis was arrived through routine blood tests, urine tests, stool examination and Doppler study of lower limb. The study on Thalasthambam concludes that, Thalasthambam is an Peripheral arterial Occlusive diseases leading to gangrene formation like Thrombo Angitis Obliterens (T.A.O). The pathogenesis of Thalasthambam involves the vitiation of Vali, Which disturbs the fuction of Azhal and Iyam in various degrees. The signs of the disease is clearly depicted by the udal thaathukal. It is essential to know the pathogenesis of the disease for early diagnosis and proper treatment and to prevent complication (amputation) and also to advise the patient to stop smoking and to avoid the excessive intake of salt and sour in diet.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Thalasthambam ; coagulation system ; Thrombo Angitis obliterans.
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