A Study on Pitha Kan Kasam

Thamaraiselvan, - (2007) A Study on Pitha Kan Kasam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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Of the three humour (mukkutram) “Pitham” gets deranged as a result of various aetiological factors such as, Working & bare footed walking on sunny weather, by avoiding oil baths and spinach’s in routine life, improper hygienic measures of eye, stress, strain, anger, insomnia, hunger, increased intake of salty, sour, pungent tasted foods etc. The deranged “Pitham” as above mentioned cause increased temperature (azhal) in posterior of eye, which causes alteration in protein, water, electrolyte and glutathione metabolism of lens. The derangement of “Pitham” is followed by altered state of “Kabam” from its nature resulting in degenerative process of lens leading to decreased transparency of lens gradually. Finally, the derangement of three humour “Kabam” leads to visual loss. CONCLUSION: The author dissertation topic “PITHA KAN KASAM” has attributed as a relevant disease for “Senile Cataract”. As per epidemiological report says that the geographical distribution of the disease mostly occur in tropical countries. In tropical countries the patients of “PITHA KAN KASAM” were affected 14 years earlier than other countries due to the long exposure of sun light. If the disease is not treated properly at early stage leads to permanent loss of vision. • Proper early diagnosis & treatment. • Avoid exposure to sun light, x-rays, intense heat and injuries. • Take good nourishment diet rich in proteins and vitamins. Food such as green vegetables, leaves (especially ponnangani, Sirukeerai, Pannai keerai), liver, eggs, milk products, carrots, cabbage and yeast are good. • Take oil bath and preventive measures of eye disease as per text. The above following methods are delay the onset of the disease “PITHA KAN KASAM”.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Pitha Kan Kasam ; Senile Cataract.
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