A Study on Oorthuva Vatham

Devarajan, R (2007) A Study on Oorthuva Vatham. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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‘Oorthuva Vatham’ comes under ‘Vatha Roga Nithanam’ in Yugi vaithiya sinthamani 800 which is characterized by orthopnea, abdominal distension, pulmonary oedema, pain in the mouth, neck and chest, low grade fever, fatigue, cardiac cachexia, generalised oedema (anasarca). Since pranan is said to be the centre of the heart, it controls heart and circulation. In Oorthuva Vatham, pranan is primarily affected and results in impaired circulation to other parts of the body. If this acute condition is not treated it leads to the affection of other thathus and udal kattugal also. In siddha text books heart diseases are classified under the headings like Thamaraga noi, Maarbu noi and Iruthaya rogam. In Yugi vaithiya sinthamani, Yugi discussed the symptoms of congestive heart failure under the heading ‘Oorthuva Vatham’ which is unknown to us. Heart is the first organ through which all the blood of the body passes during circulation. So heart diseases have serious effects on other systems of the body also. If properly recognized earlier, the disease can be treated more effectively and the complications can be prevented. CONCLUSION: The lines that were said by Yugi in Yugi vaithiya sinthamani 800 under the heading “Oorthuva Vatham” well explained the clinical condition similar to “Congestive Cardiac Failure”. The lines of the version were well analysed on the siddha and modern parameters and the patients were thoroughly examined with clinical and bio-chemical analysis. “Poriyaal arithal”, “Pulanaal arithal”, “Vinaathal”, “Envagai Thervugal”, “Neerkuri” and “Neikuri” helped in the proper diagnosis of the disease. Routine biochemical examination were carried out to know the general condition of all patients. Echo, ECG, X-ray chest and USG abdomen & pelvis were carried out to confirm the diagnosis. As a siddha physician we know the importance of our “Noi Illa Neri” principles which can only prevent our people from many of these ailments. These principles were said by learned Yogis for the sake of our people. We should guide the people in the proper way and make them to follow these principles to achieve the WHO target (Health for all by 2000 AD).

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Oorthuva Vatham ; Heart ; Congestive Heart Failure.
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