A Study on Kuvallai Vipuruthi

Brahmanandan, R D (2007) A Study on Kuvallai Vipuruthi. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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Nagapadalam is one of the main Eye disease explained by Agathiyar in his Agathiyar Nayana vithi – 500. The clinical features mentioned by Agathiyar in Naga padalam Topic 1. Redness, 2. Epiphora, 3. Itching, 4. Grittiness. Mukkuttra Verupadugal, i.e. three humuoral changes play major role in the development of disease. Most of the Eye disease are formed by alteration of pitha humour. The altered pitha humour in eye is manifested first followed by degenerative condition of eye due to altered kabam. In this disease (Naga Padalam) First affected humor is pitham, and next is kabam. In Naga padalam the first affected sight is conjunctiva of the eye. Due to increased exposure of UV rays, the matrix metalloprotinases in the conjuctival limbal cells, and by activation of fibroblasts the, conjunctiva develops into an filmy layer, which encroaches the epithelial i.e. outer layer of cornea. By days, it infiltrates to Bowman’s membrane and later on to substantia propria (Stroma) which produces marked changes in refraction and cause visual impairment i.e corneal astigmatism. UV rays is the one of the etiological factor. When the changes are obivious itching is marked and watering, redness are present in eye. At last the author comes to conclusion that features said above are closely related to the Eye disease Naga padalam. CONCLUSION: The lines that were described in Naga Padalam of Agathiya Nayana Vithi” explains the clinical features of milky white capacity of the cornea due to the filmy growth on the sclerotic coat of eye. As per “Agasthiyar Nayana Vithi” the signs and symptoms of “Naga Padalam”, are studied in all the cased which have selected. These were examined and analysed thoroughly by siddha and modern aspects. All the pictures in siddha parameters show chages in the physical constituments, three humour, seasonal variations and Envagai Thervugal. Naga Padalam is comfirmend by “Histopathological examinations” and by “Orbscan” the severity of lesions are noted. The slit lamp examination shows the external lesions of conjunctiva and cornea. If the aliment is not treated properly, it leads to complete closure of optical axis by the iterygium. Also, headache and distored vision, will be the intial problem. Later on it may leads complete less of vision and continous irritation. Early intervention, either by medical or surgical the rest of vision. The modern parameter play a important rate in the diagnostic purpose. Finally, Naga padalam has very good prognotsis if treated properly and good adaptation of medical advice mentioned in siddha system of medicine.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Kuvallai Vipuruthi : Naga padalam ; Pterygium.
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