A Study on Venpadai

Patturayan, R (2009) A Study on Venpadai. Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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Venpadai has been chosen for the dissertation work by the author. • Various literatures dealing with Venpadai have been collected from Siddha and modern text books. • Preclinical analyses in toxicological and biochemical aspects were conducted for the trial drug Lagu seenachoora choornam. 50 patients of both sex and in age group between 5 to 12 were selected for the study. • 20 cases were treated in inpatient ward at least for 30 days and followed up in the out patient department after discharge. 30 cases were treated in the outpatient department for 48 days. • All the details about the study and the drugs were informed to the patients and consent forms obtained from them. Before starting the treatment, the blood samples of the selected patients were subjected to investigation and photographs of the lesions were taken. • A day before starting the treatment purgation was given by administering sithathi ennai 1ml with hot water in the early morning to bring the thridosha to equilibrium. • From the second day onwards Lagu seenachoora choornam 1 gram BD along with Venpadai pattru (venkutta lepanam) – with cows urine for external use were given to the patients. • Diet restrictions were strictly followed during the treatment period. Every 8th day the patients were assessed for clinical improvement and adverse effects. On the 48th day the laboratory investigations and photographs were repeated. The improvement was assessed. During the course of treatment there were no adverse effects or unwanted drug reactions like itching, abdominal discomfort, and nausea. CONCLUSION: Venpadai may occur due to various causes and it leads to mental stress and strain. Hence it is one of the Psychosomatic disorders. When the trial drug Lagu seena chooranam(Internal) with Venpadai pattru (venkutta lepanam - External) were administered to the venpadai patients, it showed improvement in varying degrees in all the cases. • No adverse effects were noticed during treatment period. The ingredients are lagu seena chooranam are of plants origin, easily available and harmless to children. The cost comparatively very low the medicine has many properties to control the signs and symptoms of venpadai. • Clinical results were found to be having good relief in 52% of cases, moderate relief 40% of cases, mild relief 8% of cases. • Because of the encouraging result clinically the study may be undertaken with same drug for prolonged period of time in the large number of cases and it may throw new lights for the treatment of venpadai (vitiligo). • The trial drug ‘lagu seena chooranam’ denoted in Agathiyar vaithya pillaitamil and venpadai pattru (External) denoted in pathartha guna villakam text as a common effective drug for venpadai and through this trial the effectiveness of lagu seena chooranam (Internal) and venpadai pattru (External) was conferred and re-established by the author.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Venpadai ; vitiligo ; Lagu seenachoora choornam ; Venpadai pattru ; venkutta lepanam.
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