A Study on Neerkanamantham

Preetha, K (2013) A Study on Neerkanamantham. Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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Patients attending the OPD, IPD of NIS having the complaints of Neerkanamantham diagnosed clinically and the patients were observed for clinical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis. Classical symptoms of Neerkanamantham with emphasis to symptoms of common cold like cough, rhinnoroea, intermittent fever, rumbling noise in stomach, diarrhoea, headache, malaise/ fatigue. Clinical diagnosis of Neerkanamantham was done on the basis of clinical features described in Balavagadam text. Laboratory diagnosis was done by modern methods of examinations. Diagnosis had been based on the specially prepared proforma, including all clinical signs and symptoms of the disease, in which detailed history had been taken. The signs, symptoms, and etiopathogenesis of common cold explained in modern diagnosis have lot of similarities with the disease entity Neerkanamantham. The medicine chosen for clinical treatment and management of Neerkanamantham is & Athimathura chooranam internally two times in a day for 7 days. All the patients were kept under strict dietary control during the treatment. The observation on effect of therapy was encouraging. The clinical efficacy of the drug was analyzed statistically on all the symptoms mentioned in the assessment criteria. The observation made during the clinical study showed that the trial drug Athimathura chooranam was clinically effective. In Bio chemical analysis, the trial medicine Athimathura chooranam had Calcium and Ferrous Iron, Starch, Tannins, Phosphate, Alkaloids, Flavonoids, protein, Aminoacid, sterols, phenols. CONCLUSION: All the forty patients of Neerkanamantham were treated with Athimathura chooranam internally two times in a day. The ingredients of Athimathura chooranam are feasible and useful; these compounds may serve as potentially useful drug for Neerkanamantham at a lower cost. The medicine has many properties to control the signs and symptoms of Neerkanamantham. During the course of treatment, no adverse interactions were observed. Clinical results were found to be significant good improvement was found in 77. 5% of cases, moderate in 12. 5% of cases, mild in 10% of cases. Because of the efficient results clinically, the study may be carried over to further researches and it may motivate the upcoming generation to manage the disease Neerkanamantham through the siddha medicine and also this study throw new glitters for the Siddha Medicine. So the present clinical study has established that Athimathura chooranam is having good result in reducing the majority of symptoms of the Neerkanamantham. The trial drug Athimathura chooranam is denoted in Balavagadam Text as a common effective drug for all types of kanam and through this trial, the effectiveness in Neerkanamantham was confirmed and re-established.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Neerkana mantham ; common cold ; Athimathura Chooranam.
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