A Study on Pakkavaatham

Saibudheen, - (2007) A Study on Pakkavaatham. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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The research work on "PAKKAVAADHAM" was chosen with an intention to give solace to the patients who are suffering from the disease. The author had a chance of referring many siddha literatures and collected more information. Medicines meant for research study where towards the patient is collected from both siddha system as well as modern system to medicine and a case sheet was prepared. (Model case sheet is affixed at the end of this dissertation book). Separate case sheets were maintained for every patient who were admitted in the In-patient ward. Twenty patients were treated in the In-patient and another twenty patients in the out patient ward. The internal medicine Manosilaikattu chenduram 100-200 mg twice a day with neem oil after food and the external medicine Malkingini thylam for the external application with Thokkanam at the sides where affected to the patients. The patients who were also treating with Yogaasanam Piranaayaamam, Thiyanam, Thokkanam, Varmam as supportive therapies along with main theraphy have got good and quick relief than the other patients. The favourable effects of the drugs of the treatment good relief was reported within 10 days in mild cases, within 20 days in moderate cases and within 25 days in severe cases. The follow up study was done in the out-patient department. Exercises to affected limbs and face were also advised to all patients. At the time of discharge relief or improvement was observed clinically and there was maintenance of physiological conditions seen in all patients. The twenty patients who were treated in out-patient ward also good relief. Medicines were given to the patients until most of the symptoms were relieved as per siddha medicine it was regarded as a cure from the disease. No toxic or side effects were observed clinically or reportedly in any patients during the course of treatment and the follow up study. From the clinical study it could be inferred that treatment with trial drugs considerably improves the functions of 1. Viyaana, which is responsible for all the movement in the body and also sensory and motor activities. 2. Abaanan, which is responsible for defaecation micturition, menstruation, parturirtion and ejaculation. 3. Naagan, which is responsible for movement of the eye ball, laziness, lassitude, quarrelling and arguing 4. Dhevathaththan which is responsible for movements of the eye ball, laziness, lassitude, quarreling, arguing begging and much anger. 5. And samaanan which is responsible for normal digestion and correction of other vaayus. It could be also inferred that the trial drugs inhibit further vascular disorders and regulate the other physiological and biological processes of the body. Research findings reveal bout the disease and its impact in the body. Statistics taken the help of details in the case sheet were give clear knowledge about the disease. Available investigations in modern medicine were also considered for diagnosis and to follow the prognosis of the patients. The efficacy of the trial drugs were studied by bio-chemical analysis and pharmacological evaluations. CONCLUSION: When the internal medicine manosilai kattu chenduram administered to the pakka vaadham patient along with malkingini thailam for external application have a good relief. Good clinical improved was observed in 14 (70%) patient out of 20 in-patient and 12 (60%) out patient. Moderate clinical improvement was observed in 2 patients out of 20 inpatients and 4 out-patients. Partially clinical improvement was observed in 4 patients out 20 in-patient and 4 out-patient ward. Patient who had followed Yoga, Pranayamam, Thiyanam, Thokkanam, and Dietary advice have got good relief than others. Because of engorging result clinically study may undertake with large number of patient with same drug with create a new era in the field of siddha medicine especially in the treatment of this diseases Pakkavadham. It may through light on relieving the patient from the clutches of crippling by this disease.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Pakkavaatham ; Hemiplegia ; Manosilai Kattu Chenduram ; Malkingini Thailam.
Subjects: AYUSH > Sirappu Maruthuvam
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