A Study on Kalladaippu

Manickavasakam, K (2007) A Study on Kalladaippu. Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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The clinical trial was conducted in 30 patients of renal calculus with trial drug of kalladaippu thool in dose of 5gms twice a day with adjuvant of 50ml raddish juice. • Clinical diagnosis of kalladaippu was done in the basis of clinical features described in our text book. • Urine and haematological examination and ulrasonography were done before and after treatment of trial drug. • The various Siddha aspect examinations were carried out and recoded. • Kalladaippu in Siddha aspect was correlated with urinary calculus in modern aspect. • In biochemical study the trial drug had magnesium, potassium, citrates and tannin.Which are confirmed the clinical prognosis in renal calculus. • In pharmacological study showed that the trial drug had well diuretic action without adverse effect in dose of one gram per kg. • The medicine chooses for clinical treatment and management of kalladaippu by kalladaippu thool. • Observation of the trial drug in the clinical study was clinically effective. CONCLUSION: The clinical trial of kalladaippu thool was conducted in 30 patients for 8 weeks of period. • In the study 93.3 % of patients were clinically good improvement and 6.6% were moderate in improvement with trial drug. There were no clinically significant adverse reactions noted with trial drug. • In Siddha and modern aspect of urine investigation in all patients after treatment came down to normal. • Out of 30 patients, 19 patients were taken ultrasonography after treatment, among 19 patients, stone dissolved completely in 47.3% (9) and reduced size and number in 47.3% (9) of patients. Among 30 patients ureter stone removed in 13.3% (4) with short period of treatment. • In biochemical study the drug has potassium, magnesium, citrates and tannin were onfirmed. This helps in clinical prognosis of renal calculus. • The diuretic action of the trial drug had very good efficacy with anubanam in animal study and without toxic effect. • Expenditure of the trial drug is low in cost and easily preparable but highly efficacy in kalladaippu. • The clinical study was encouraging to do the deep study in large sample of kalladaippu patients with trial drug with proper diagnosis.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Kalladaippu ; raddish juice ; magnesium ; potassium ; citrates ; tannin.
Subjects: AYUSH > Maruthuvam
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