A Study on Pitha Karappan (Eczema)

Jeyanthi, R (2008) A Study on Pitha Karappan (Eczema). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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“Pitha Karappan” is a well known disease with considerable involvement of skin and wide constitutional features. The clinical study on “Pitha Karappan” with the administration of the trial medicine of “Karappan Choornam & Karappan Ennai” was carried out in the Post Graduate Department of Maruthuvam, G.S.M.C, Chennai. Various medical literatures having relevant reference for the disease “Pitha Karappan” were collected from both Siddha System as well as from the Modern system of medicine to understand the nature of the disease. A total of 40 patients were observed in this study. Out of these 40 patients, 20 were treated in the O.P Department and the remaining in I.P. Department. The duration of treatment was fixed as 48 days. Clinical & Pathological assessments were carried out on the basis of both Siddha and Modern medical system. The results obtained from studies are summarized below. ABOUT THE DISEASE: More percentage of males (55 %) was affected than females. • 50 % were affected in the age group of 41-60 years. • High incidences of cases were observed in Lower Income Group (90%). • 30 % of patients were affected in Koothir Kaalam. • On examination of Uyir Thathukkal, the following were deranged in more number of cases. • In Vatham – Viyanan ( 100 % ) & Samanan ( 50 %). • In Pitham – Prasaga Ptham (100 % ) & Anar Pitham (50%). • In Kabam – Kilethagam (50%). • In Udal Kattugal Saram (100%), Senner (100%), Oon (100%) were affected. • Naadi showed Kaba Pitham (55%), Kaba Vatham (35 %), Vatha Kabam (10 %). • The laboratory haematological investigations have revealed that the disease is the non- infective nature. ABOUT THE EFFICACY OF TRIAL MEDICINE: The Qualitative analysis reveals that the medicine “Karappan Choornam” has the presence of Sulphate, Chloride, Phosphate, Iron (Ferrous),Starch, Reducing sugar, Alkaloids, Tannic acid, Amino acid, Glycoside, Tannin, Protein, Phenols, Flavanoids, saponins, Amino acid. • The pharmacological analysis of the “Karappan Choornam” reveals the presence of Anti histamine & Anti inflammatory activity and it also has anti microbial activity against gram positive, gram negative organism and fungus also. • “Karappan Ennai” is used as external application. It has very good effect in preventing itching, crawling sensation, lichenification & oozing. • The response to the trial medicine, were assessed daily for the Inpatients and weekly once for the Out patient and recorded in the Performa. • The patients responded to the medicine showing gradual decrease in Signs & Symptoms. • During and after the course of treatment no relapsing effects were reported. • Out of 20 cases, 75 % cases had good results, 15 % got moderate results and 10 % got mild results. • These analysis ensure the efficacies of the trial medicine. CONCLUSION: The medicine “Karappan Choornam” and “Karappan Ennai” tried in this study, exerted good results. • The pre-clinical studies proved that the medicine have Anti histamine, Anti inflammatory & Anti microbial activity. • The trial medicine was effective in reliving the signs and symptoms of Eczema patients. • The cost of medicine is very low and free from side effect. So they are useful for long term purpose. • Research finding shows that 75 % of the patients were completely cured and the 15 % was also got moderate improvement. • Statistical analysis also proved that patients were significantly improved by the treatment. • Because of the encouraging results of both pre clinical and clinical study, it can be concluded that the “Pitha Karappan” can be controlled with the trial medicine.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Pitha Karappan ; Eczema ; Karappan Choornam ; Karappan Ennai.
Subjects: AYUSH > Maruthuvam
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