A Study on Eri Kunmam

Hema Devi, T (2008) A Study on Eri Kunmam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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A Collective and comparative study of the disease Erigunmam is made covering all the aspects of the disease enclosing siddha and modern science. • The peak incidence of Eri Gunmam was found in 41-50 years of age of both sex. • The Prevalence of the disease was high among lower class population (65%) and middle class population (15%) • Among the Blood Group, 55% of the O+ve blood Group were affected. • Among dietary patterns, 100% of the patients consume spicy and irregular food habits. • Regarding personal habits 40% of the male Patients were smoker and 35% were alcoholics. • Naadi in Eri Gunmam patients felt as vatha Pitham (55%) and Pitha Vatham (45%). • In Neikuri Examination, 55% show vathaneer and 45% show pithaneer. • The Ingredients of trial Medicines were found to have the properties of controlling EriGunmam. • The clinical trial conducted in selected patients was satisfactory and encouraging. • The Bio-Chemical, Microbiological and pharmacological studies of the trial medicine show good results. • The bio-Statistical report of the clinical trial shows significant results. • Among the 20 Cases, 80% of the cases show good result and 15% of the cases fair result Similarly 20 Cases treated in the out Patients department also shows good results. CONCLUSION: Eri Gunmam is a very Common disorder in our contemporary population which increasing the morbidity day by day. The age, aetiological factors, Blood Group and Socio-Economic status were studied. Vatham is the predominal causes for the development of Eri Gunmam. The disease mainly affects the Gastrointestinal system with the involvement of stomach and duodenum in digestive distress. The drugs are easily available and the dosage is also convenient. No adverse effects were observed during the entire course of the treatment. It was observed that the trail medicines, Malliyathai chooranam and Bhojana Kudori Mathirai fully qualifies as a treatment of choice for Eri Gunmam. The Clinical trail conducted in selected patients was satisfactory and encouraging.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Eri Kunmam ; vatha Pitham ; Pitha Vatham ; Malliyathai chooranam ; Bhojana Kudori Mathirai.
Subjects: AYUSH > Maruthuvam
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