Pre auricular sinus: A study of clinical presentation and comparison of simple sinectomy with supra auricular approach technique

Kavitha, M (2013) Pre auricular sinus: A study of clinical presentation and comparison of simple sinectomy with supra auricular approach technique. Masters thesis, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION: Pre auricular sinus is a common congenital abnormality of the pre auricular soft tissues. Van Heusinger first described this condition in 18641. The estimated incidence of this condition is 0.1 – 0.8% in the United States, 0.46% in Hungary, 0.08% in England, 2.45% in Taiwan and 3– 11% in Africa. Unilateral lesions are more common than bilateral .Bilateral lesions are more likely to be inherited. When inherited they show an incomplete autosomal pattern with reduced penetrance and variable expression. Studies in China have shown chromosome 8q 11.1 –q13.3 to be site of abnormal gene which transmits pre auricular sinus. This condition is usually asymptomatic occurs most commonly on right side. It is usually present as small hole at the anterior margin of ascending limb of helix1 and, superior to the pinna. In some patients, the sinus opening is located along the posterior surface of crus helix close to the tragus or ear lobule. Very rarely, it may be seen posterior to the auricle. This condition is usually identified during routine ENT examination. Pre auricular pits have been associated with a number of syndromes. AIM OF THE STUDY: 1. To compare the surgical outcome of simple sinectomy (Standard technique) with supra auricular approach technique. 2. To find out the common location of pre auricular sinus. 3. To find out the incidence of associated syndromes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: STUDY DESIGN - Prospective study. STUDY PLACE - Department of E.N.T, Stanley Medical College. STUDY PERIOD - October 2010 to September 2012. SAMPLE SIZE - 110 patients. FOLLOW UP PERIOD - 6 months. The study was conducted in 110 patients who attended the department of otolaryngology in Stanley medical college. The study period was from October 2010 to September 2012. Ethical committee approval was obtained. Selection Criteria: 1. Age : 5 – 25 Years, 2. Sex : Male and Female, 3. All patients with pre auricular sinus (symptomatic and asymtomatic). 4. Patients with associated comorbidity , Immuno compromised status, and external ear deformity are excluded from the study. CONCLUSIONS: 1. Pre auricular sinuses are more commonly seen on the right side. 2. Females are more commonly affected. 3. Rarely associated with congenital syndromes. 4. Supra auricular approach has a lower recurrence rate when compared to simple sinectomy. It can be safely used as a primary procedure and in patients with distorted tissue planes. 5. Removal of small piece cartilage from the base of the pre auricular sinus tract is very important to prevent recurrence. 6. No significant alteration in the surgical outcome, between the anaesthesia administered during the study.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Pre auricular sinus; simple sinectomy; supra auricular approach technique; comparative study
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