A Study on the Symptomatology and Diagnostic Methodology of Vanni Pitham

Priya, B K (2018) A Study on the Symptomatology and Diagnostic Methodology of Vanni Pitham. Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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Vanni Pitham a clinical entity was described by Sage Yugi in his wisdom. The study conducted has come out with excellent results validating the clinical features of Vanni Pitham elucidated in an ultra short poetic segment by Yugi. The study was aimed at evolving a set of exclusive Siddha diagnostic findings for Vanni Pitham with the observation and inference of various parameters like Naadi, Neikkuri and disease acquired season, it can be concluded that all of them point to the development or vitiation of humour leading to the disease Vanni Pitham. The patient reported with the symptoms of Vanni Pitham were subjected to the standard set of investigations, the results and findings of the investigations were suggestive of Vanni Pitham according to modern classification of disease. Manikkadai Nool and Nei kuri findings may help in the identifying of preponderance in a person to develop Vanni Pitham, hence it can be used as a screening measure to advise the preventive measures well in advance. Almost the patients who diagnosed as Vanni Pitham had significant study of colonoscopy evidence conforming to the correlation of disease with inflammatory bowel disease. From the analysis done between Vanni Pitham cases and control group, notable variations were observed in both Siddha and Modern parameters. Interestingly, it was found that the symptoms presented by the patients in the study were those of a constant subset of symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease explained in the present day classification. It correlated with all of the symptoms mentioned by Yugi muni under Vanni Pitham. Thus the author concludes by throwing lights on validation of symptomatology and exclusive Siddha diagnostic methodology for Vanni Pitham so that a physician can arrive at proper treatment procedures by rightly diagnosing the disease.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Symptomatology ; Diagnostic Methodology ; Vanni Pitham.
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