A Clinical Study on Siddha Standarddization of Siddha Diagnostic Tools and including Line of Treatment and Dietary Regimen of Pitha Thalai Nokkadu (Maxillary Sinusitis)

Suresh, T (2017) A Clinical Study on Siddha Standarddization of Siddha Diagnostic Tools and including Line of Treatment and Dietary Regimen of Pitha Thalai Nokkadu (Maxillary Sinusitis). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.


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The aim of this study is to evaluate the significance of the disease PITHA THALAI NOKKADU with help of siddha parameters Ennvagai thervu and Thegiyin Elakkanam. AIM OF THE STUDY: To evaluvate eight fold examinations of azhal thalai nokkadu as mentioned in yugi vaithiya chinthaamani. OBJECTIVES : PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: 1. To observe the clinical presentation of this disease. 2. To collect the clinical diagnostic on the basis of siddha literature. 3. Manikadai nool. SECONTARY OBJECTIVES: 1. To derive the line of treatment of this disease of siddha pathogenesis. 2. To establish the dietary regimen for this disease. PITHA THALAI NOKKADU comes under the Yugi Muni Vaithiya Chinthamani -800. Which is one of the type of Vatha disease, characterized by burning sensation, numbness, tingling sensation, pain in both extremities. • The author had collected review of literature, definition, etiology and classification from various text. • For the clinical study 40 cases (OPD) were recruited for the observational per the inclusion and exculusion criteria and the informed consent were obtained from the patients. • Case sheet proforma was maintained for 40 cases. • Laboratory investigations were carried out before the study. • Ennvagai Thervu and Thegiyin Elakkanam were focused in the study. • In this study out of 40 cases following datas were observed and discussed. CONCLUSION: The disease pitha thalainokkadu was taken for my clinical study with reference in Yugi Muni Vaithiya Chinthamani -800. The study on pith thalainokkadu was carried out in this dissertation giving importance to the changes in Udal thathukkal and uyir thathukkal. The changes in the Udal thathukkal and Uyir thathukkal were assessed by Siddha parameters such as Envagai thervugal, Poriyaal arithal, Pulanal arithal and vinaathal. From this study, the following datas concluded as, • Maximum incidence of age was between 51-60 ie.pitha kaalam. • The aetiological factors for pith thalai nokkadu mainly due to seasonal variation environmental changes and altered food habits and improper life style. • Maximum number of cases were from Neithal nilam Abaanan, viyaanan, affected in 50% cases. • Sathaga pitham was affected in all cases. A paralled modern diagnosis was derived through routine blood tests, Urine test. For this study 40 cases were observed clinically in the out patient division.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Siddha Standarddization ; Siddha Diagnostic Tools ; Line of Treatment ; Dietary Regimen ; Pitha Thalai Nokkadu ; Maxillary Sinusitis ; Clinical Study.
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