A Study on Azhal Keel Vayu (Osteoarthritis)

Vigneshwari, R (2018) A Study on Azhal Keel Vayu (Osteoarthritis). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It causes pain, swelling and reduced motion in joints. I have taken this as my dissertation and treated with KANDATHIRI LEGHIYAM as internal medicine and NAKKA PUSA MUKKUTTENNAI as external medicine in azhal keel vayu (Osteo arthritis of knee joint). 40 cases with azhal keel vayu were diagnosed clinically and admitted in the Inpatient ward and Outpatient ward of Post graduate department of Sirappu Maruthuvam, Government Siddha Medical College hostpital, Palayamkottai and treated by the trial medicines. • Laboratory diagnosis of azhal keel vayu was done by siddha diagnostic principles and endorsed by modern methods of investigations. • The various siddha aspects of examination of the disease were carried out and were recorded in the proforma. • The trial medicine chosen for both internal and external treatment were KANDATHIRI LEGHIYAM in 6 grm twice a day for forty eight days as per the severity of the diseases, NAKKA PUSA mukuttuennai(External). • Before starting the treatment careful detailed history was carried out and recorded for the forty selected cases. • During the period of treatment all the patients were put under pathiyam (A specific dietary regimen). • A periodical laboratory investigation was made for all the cases along with the radiological investigations. • The observations made during the clinical study shows that the main internal drug KANDATHIRI LEGHIYAM is clinically effective. • Though there was appreciable clinical improvement, there were not much remarkable radiographic changes. The action of external application of NAKKA PUSA MUKKUTTENNAI with varmam and asanam were given best results in patients than the patients were treated with internal medicine alone. TREATMENT: The treatment was aimed to retain the deranged dhoshas and providing relief from symptoms. Before treatment the patients were advised to take Vellai ennai-15ml with hot water in early morning for first day of treatment. From the second day onwards internal medcine KANDATHIRI LEGHIYAM 6 gms two times day after food and NAKKA PUSA mukuttuennai is given as external. At the time of treatment the patients were advised to follow Pathiyam and specially advised to avoid foods which increase vadha. Along with the course of treatment the complementary therapies like varmam and Asanam were given additionally to some of the patients. The outcome of this study is mainly assessed by reduction in pain, swelling, stiffness in knee joint. Increased range of reduction of restricted movements and improvement in quality of life universal pain assessment scale was also used to detect proper outcome. No adverse effect was noted for both Internal and External medicine along with the course of treatment. CONCLUSION: All 40 patients (20 OPD and 20 IP – 10 patients with trial medicines and Varmam, 10 with Asanam along with trial medicines) were treated for this dissertation work with KANDATHIRI LEGHIYAM 6gms two times a day and NAKKA PUSA MUKKUTTENNAI(externally). In the pre clinical study pharmacological evaluation of the trial drug shows: 1. Significant analgesic effect, 2. Significant Anti inflammatory effect (Internal medicine). In the preclinical study toxicity study of “KANDATHIRI LEGHIYAM ” shows that the trial drug had no acute toxicity. The overall effect of the clinical trial drug are Marked effect - 60%, Moderate effect - 17.5%, Mild effect - 20%, No effect - 2.5%. This result of the clinical trial illustrates the marked effect of the drugs and complementary therapy. The trial drug KANDATHIRI LEGHIYAM and external NAKKA PUSA MUKKUTTENNAI is effective. No adverse effects were noticed during the treatment period. So the trial medicine is safe and easily preparable medicine.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Azhal Keel Vayu ; Osteoarthritis.
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