Development and Characterization of Furosemide Loaded Nanoparticles

Mohamed Meeran, J (2014) Development and Characterization of Furosemide Loaded Nanoparticles. Masters thesis, K M College of Pharmacy, Madurai.


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Ideal drug delivery systems deliver the drug at a rate dictated by the need of the body over the period of treatment and it channels the activity entirely solely to the site of action. At present no available drug delivery systems can achieve all these goals. The present study Furosemide nanoparticle developed a nanoparticulate drug delivery system of using biodegradable polymer Eudragit RL100. All batches of nanoparticles (F1-F10) were prepared by solvent evaporation method. The entrapment efficiency of the optimized formulation was 94±0.04, and invitro drug release was 98.16 after 24 hours. It also obeys the zero order, follows. Particle size determination by Scanning electron microscope shows the best formulation containing size of about 200nm. The stability test performed revealed that the formulation was good. The best formulation was examined for zeta potential determination. The formulation F9 showed maximum deviation of -59mV which demonstration that the particles are separate and highly repelling. This repelling property found to be more useful in decreasing opsonization by membrane filtration and favours specificity. The Stability tests were carried out for a period of 3 months at various conditions. The results showed that the formulation remains stable through out the period of study. The optimized formulation F9 was found to follow zero order release pattern. Which was revealed by linearity shown from the plot of time versus concentration. In future F9 can be subjected to bio-equivalence study and suitability to market can be decided on that. Thus aim of the project was achieved by optimizing the formulation parameter.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Development ; Characterization ; Furosemide ; Nanoparticles.
Subjects: PHARMACY > Pharmaceutics
Depositing User: Ravindran C
Date Deposited: 05 Jul 2017 07:52
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